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This project is a creation that interconnects our passion for NFT, social human interactions and environmental awareness. We aim to build a community that shares our values, enjoys our content and wants to participate in the development of it. We strive to better ourselves each day and make a change one baby step at a time. We are here for the long run, hopefully everybody will enjoy the ride.


Algo Starface is a collection of 300 1/1 NFTs. Each one is designed with 9 unique traits.

The Starface NFTs have different % of rarity composed from 9 traits: Background, Human Skin, Hair, Clothing, Starfish Skin, Mouth, Eyes, Earrings and Necklaces.

4% of the supply will be retained by the team for giveaways and marketing. So, 288 NFTs will be available in the market.

We will have a weekly drop throughout a 30 week period of 10-30 Algo Starface. Releases will be in the form of auctions, uploaded to AB2, shuffles, and more.

Additionally there will be 1 Legendary Human NFT and 1 Legendary Starfish NFT. This scarce species will be exclusively for holders.


This is just the beginning, explore our long term ideas for this project with our roadmap.


Over 9 unique traits that make each Algo Starface special. Find the one that catches your attention and be aware of the rare ones, they’re awesome.

Perks of Ownership


Holders of Algo Starface NFTs
enjoy a 10% discount on any
clothing item. Holder of more than
3 NFTs gets one clothing item
completely for free.

Voting Rights

Holders of Algo Starface NFT
determines the fate of this project.
Each NFT represents one vote.

Starface's Bank

10% of all funds will be governed by
Algo Starface NFTs owners. These
funds can be used in any way the
community decides. For example:
sweeping the floor, supporting
other projects, and so on.

Early Access

When our first collection of 300
NFTs is sold out, the owners will
have early access to the launch of
season 2. This means they will
have the option to buy season 2
NFTs before the general public.

Special Offer

Those who have ten or more Algo
Starface NFTs have the option to
opt for a free website which will be
made by one of our partners.


Holders have the privilege to
participate in our art, short film and
stories competitions.

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